A blast from the past

by lårdøj

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Det her er nogle sange, jeg skrev, da jeg var yngre. Så det kan være for flere år siden eller sidste år, tror jeg.


released March 18, 2017



all rights reserved


lårdøj Denmark

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Track Name: Ants
there's over 12.000 species of ants all over the world,
it would take more than one life to count them all, i'm sure.
ants they don't have ears, they hear through vibrations,
from the ground, into their feet, that's some revelation.

oh, and the queen, she got wings, which they shed, when they start a new nest.
oh, and the queen, queen of ants, she's the only one to lay eggs.

ants are a lot like humans, they live in colonies,
they have wars with other ants, i thought they lived in peace.
when they defeat a colony, they take all of their eggs,
they hatch them, and they use them as slaves in their nest.


there're 3 kinds of ants in a colony,
the queen, the males, the female workers, that's just like the bees.
that's what i had, for you about ants,
i have no more to say.

Track Name: A Night Out
you stood there in your purple dress
all eyes on you 'cause you looked the best
your fingers holding a lit cigarette
your mama's looking so pale she might be dead
and you're flirting with all the boys
they don't know that you won't give them the joy

the light will follow you 'til you're gone
you'll get free drinks all night long
it's no problem to stay awake
'cause you slept your whole day away

you dress up nice to find this night's toy
and though your dad says no you'll go out to enjoy
he can yell out loud but that won't stop you
you can do whatever you wanna do
you'll sneak out your window tonight
you will get your friend to give you a ride

Track Name: You just lost the game
you just lost the game x3 i know 'cause i just mentioned it

the rules of the game are easy
you just have to know about it
then you can tell the others
that you just lost the game


the game will never end
unless the queen of england
will say that it's over


half an hour
there's a break
after that
you can say it again


now you know
you're a part of it now
now you can tell the others
that you just lost the game

Track Name: I'm tired
i'm looking at the piece of paper that i've got
i've been trying to sleep but my eyes won't close at all
i know i should write something
but i don't know what x2
i know i should think something
but i can't anymore x2

i'm tired of writing
i'm tired of thinking
i'm tired of singing
i'm tired of living

i'm breathing in the air it smeels like you and i miss you
and when i had to go away i wouldn't cry i'd spare you
i know i should feel something
but i don't know what x2
i know i should be something
but i can't anymore x2


the world is a marvelous place and i'm happy i met you
with you i could write something
i could think something x2
with you i could feel something
i could be someone/something x2
i wasn't tired of writing, of thinking, of singing, of living
i wouldn't think about leaving, abandon, the life that i lived
but now

Track Name: Let's kill Flickey Mouse
he's so smart and good
never farts oh look
am i the only one who thinks
he's annoying

let's kill flickey mouse x3
because we hate him

there's not a cat (meow)
that would eat him no
'cause everybody loves him
thinks he's cute


i thought that the time would bring him down
him and his friends all the time
come, bring the spotlight see him die