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Ants skrev jeg, fordi jeg nogle år tidligere havde lovet en ven at skrive en sang om myrer.


there's over 12.000 species of ants all over the world,
it would take more than one life to count them all, i'm sure.
ants they don't have ears, they hear through vibrations,
from the ground, into their feet, that's some revelation.

oh, and the queen, she got wings, which they shed, when they start a new nest.
oh, and the queen, queen of ants, she's the only one to lay eggs.

ants are a lot like humans, they live in colonies,
they have wars with other ants, i thought they lived in peace.
when they defeat a colony, they take all of their eggs,
they hatch them, and they use them as slaves in their nest.


there're 3 kinds of ants in a colony,
the queen, the males, the female workers, that's just like the bees.
that's what i had, for you about ants,
i have no more to say.



from A blast from the past, released March 18, 2017



all rights reserved


lårdøj Denmark

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